Yleinen savoylaiset

What do you think of Savoy?

Every ship, sailing out there in waters, has a destination. Ours, among others, is to reach the needs of audience, who comes on board, and to bring them to the desired island of music and arts.

Does Savoy Theatre succeed in this?


A while ago we set out on a journey to the social media ocean in order to find out in which light Savoy Theatre is seen from the outside. We gave a shout out to our wonderful audience, what Savoy means for them. We were delighted to observe that the post with this question arose quite an interest. The answers were even more fascinating: “art, experiences and memorable moments”; “refreshing, rare and versatile events in the very stylish interior”; “a cozy and sophisticated concert venue for Finnish and international artists”; “a beautiful cultural and historical place where the world sounds with different rhythms”; “home for the music and arts”…

The list can go on.

SAVOY mood

Supported and excited with such a warm feedback, we decided to continue the discovery by interviewing in details some of the respondents, who kindly agreed to share their thoughts.

Among the events that left an impression, there were named Angélique Kidjo, Angelica Klas, Hedningarna, Apocalyptica, Diamanda Galas, Gjallarhorn, Fela Kuti, Tiger Lilies, Mariza…

It’s not only the world-wide selection of performers, that attract people, but also the history and location of the venue, the respondents point out. Not the least in the advantages’ list stand high level of quality and variety of the programme.

Which color comes to mind when thinking of Savoy? Orange and purple, says one interviewee. Red, as old theatre curtains, – answers the other.

Aren’t these named as colors of happiness and energy by psychologists?

All in all, we’re happy with our small research that has proved that the destination of our ship is clear and the navigation works well.



text: Iana Avdeeva

Savoy Theatre

Savoy Theatre is an international art venue, located in the heart of Helsinki. The stage hosts concerts, music / dance / stand-up performances and cinema.

Savoy-teatteri / Savoy Teatern/ Savoy Theatre

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